Altai FAQ

Fly in. There are several options. You can fly to Novosibirsk international airport via Turkish Airlines (they are kayak-friendly) with connection in Istanbul. There are also some other airlines offering flights to Novosibirsk. Other option is to fly to Barnaul or Gorno-Altaysk (domestic airport, closest point to Altai whitewater) with connection in Moscow.

Visas. Tourist visa required. It should be few paperwork to get it. Usually it takes two weeks. You will need Tourist voucher for it. I will make it for you.

Boats. We have good choice of modern Pyranhas, Zets, Lettmanns, Spades, Tunas, etc. in Moscow. I can deliver any of this boats to Altai for your trip.
My friend has renting service in Altai. He has only few boats (Diesels, Nomads, oldschool Prijons).
If you will bring your own boats it will be easier for everybody. It won't be a problem to sell it after your trip

Immunization. Altai ticks can carry bad brain infection - tick borne encephalitis. So, it is better to get immunization before your trip. Medical insurance is mandatory!

Accommodation: camping. Take your tent, mat and sleeping bag with you

Food: We will cook food by ourself, few basic restaurants are also available

Weather. Dry and warm at midday, cool at night, but really cold days also happen. So, typical day temperature is +30 C, at night +5 C.

Equipment: Drysuits are better. You will need all camping gear. Stoves and gas are not needed, because there are a lot of firewoods everywhere. I have big tarpoline and cooking set for our team. If you have any questions regarding equipment specific – feel free to ask me.

Logistic. We have 4x4 van with driver for full time of our trip. It is possible to keep useless gear in it.

River type. Mostly bigwater pool-drop bouldergardens. A lot of rivers are selfsupport expeditions

Altai trips - please take a look to our trip examples 


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