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Russia is one of few places on the planet remained exotic.
It is due to variety of reasons: great territories, underdeveloped infrastructure, language barrier, specific background and history. More and more foreigners come to Russia every year to discover this wonderful world. Some of them go sightseeing to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg; some go to Sochi to alpine skiing; some travel Trans-Siberian railway. And others explore the most breath-taking whitewater rivers in Russia.
Altai is a mountains system located at the south of Siberia, where Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China all come together. ‘Altai’ means ‘Golden Mountains’ translated from Turkic. True, it’s totally a pure gold.
Altai is definitely the best region for kayaking in Russia:
  • Wide variety of rivers, whether short and easy or fast-flowing and of the highest level of difficulty
  • Altai mountains are beautiful and fascinating. This is for sure one of the ‘must visits’ for everyone
  • Relatively well-developed tourism infrastructure: Novosibirsk International Airport, smooth roads, camping sites, local travel agencies
  • Safe and friendly environment
  • Altai is a very special place, come and feel the magic

Altai is unrivalled for its big volume rivers multi-day runs. Kayakers from all over the world keep coming to Altai to paddle such famous rivers as Argut, Chuya, Chulyshman, Bashkaus.
To be sure, Altai slowly but steadily is becoming whitewater Mecca especially for big volume fans.

To arrange the trip to Russia by oneself could be rather complicated. The language barrier to start with. Almost nobody speaks English in Siberia and don’t even try to understand the Cyrillic alphabet. This is the reason you need local guide to make your trip doable.

About me

My name is Anton Sveshnikov, I’m 32. I’ve started paddling at age of 5, when my parents put me to the canoe at the first time. I’ve been kayaking since my 21st birthday. I spent several seasons on Altai paddling local rivers and working as a guide. I also paddled rivers of Nepal, India, Norway, Europe, USA, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica and of about 20 more countries. Yet Altai always was and still is my home region.

If you’re looking for someone to organize your trip to Altai, I’m the guy you need.
Personal qualities:
  • Fluent English. Not as perfect as to read Shakespeare in the original, yet just enough to discuss works of Dostoevsky.
  • Western guide pattern. I have a large experience in working with foreign tourists gained in India and Nepal.
  • Certified raft-guide, safety-kayaker and trip leader by International Rafting Federation
  • Wide grasp of Altai specific. I wrote Altai whitewater guidebook, based on information I have been collected since 2009. English version is coming soon
  • Full range of services: from invitation for your visa on out to transfer to the airport; from boats rent on out to the most remarkable rivers guiding.
  • Ad hoc approach: meet your need; bring to life what you dream about.

Altai trips - please take a look to our trip examples

If you’d like to visit truly exotic and amazing place and enjoy multi-days big volume rivers paddling – Altai is the right place to come.

In case you are a group of 5 or more people, I’m ready to take upon me the entire organization and managing of your Altai adventure.


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